Wedding Photography

This industry is massive and there are too many ways to get overwhelmed while trying to decipher all the different photographers and their “packages”. So I try and make it as simple as possible. You only need to worry about two things…the images and the photographer. Everything else is just product that will always be there. Unlike most out there I provide two important things. First, unlimited time on your wedding day so you don’t have to stress that your photographer won’t be there or you have to fit your day into a photographer’s schedule. Second, your photos! You get them all and that means the full size digital files that you can print directly from (usually over 2000 images).  They are not just proof images and they are not watermarked forcing you to come to me to get product. With everything on the internet, you can do most of it on your own and save a bunch of money.  You can always come to me for albums, prints, etc. after the wedding but you don’t have to! The only other things I include in my wedding package is a second shooter, proof book, personal website and engagement session (usually 500-800 images). We can always adjust these basics to meet your needs, I’m extremely flexible. Please email me for current pricing and to set up a meeting to review my portfolios and discuss your wedding day!
So to recap….

  1. Unlimited time on the wedding day
  2. Unlimited locations on the wedding day
  3. All full size digital files on DVD (usually over 2000)
  4. Second shooter
  5. Personal website (where friends/family can purchase prints)
  6. Proof book of all the images (small hardcover book showcasing all the images with their corresponding file numbers)
  7. Engagement session with full size digital files on DVD (500-800 images)

Portait/Family/Children/Engagement Photography

I’m available for sessions anytime throughout the year. All sessions include all full size digital files on DVD or via personal website. Prices vary depending on what you are looking for. Please email me to discuss pricing and schedule a session!

Landscape Images

All landscape images are available for purchase. Prices vary depending on size and medium (traditional prints/metallic prints/wood prints/gallery wraps/etc.). Please email me with any inquiries.

Please don't steal my pics :)